The One Where I Quit My Job!

Say what??!! Let me back up a little bit.

Just a few weeks ago I hit 5 years at my current job. The day came and went without any sort of fanfare. I knew then that something had to change, and soon.

Many friends are aware that I had been looking for a new job for a while now. I wasn’t happy in my current position and wanted a change. I NEEDED a change. I didn’t mention it on the blog because I never want someone to visit my blog, see a post where I’m complaining about my job and think that is all I do. I’ve been very lucky to have a job for the last 5 years, especially a job with benefits and paid time off. But as much as I appreciated all those things I just wasn’t happy. Benefits, time off, and pay raises only go so far in making work a bearable place to be.

So on February 23rd I walked into my work and gave my 2 weeks notice! It was the most amazing and terrifying thing I’ve ever done. It went a lot better than I thought it would and I’m happy for that. The next two weeks were gonna be crazy enough without having to deal with nastiness on top of it. Hooray!

I’ve been working a few other jobs over the last 6 months and earlier this month I finally got to a place where I thought those jobs could be my main source of income. I crunched numbers, did research, talked to those jobs, and realized that I really could make this work. I spent weeks going over this in my head (over and over), talking to close friends, and then finally talking to my parents. They were nervous of course, but they supported my decision.

The One Where I Quit My Job!

So starting on March 10th I will officially be self-employed/an independent contractor!

I am SO excited! And terrified. And happy. And nervous. And a slew of other things. But I know that this was the right decision for me AND that I can do this. My coworkers are already getting sick of me being all happy and dancing around the office.

I’ve got another big announcement coming, but you are going to have to wait a little while for that one. I promise it is worth the wait.

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