Team Sparkle Skirt Review

As I mentioned at the beginning of the week, I ran the Disney’s Princess Half Marathon on Sunday. This is a race where a LOT of people dress up. Imagine a sea of ladies in tiaras, tutus, and lots of sparkle! Last year I made a hot pink tutu and wore a pink tiara. Although the tutu did the trick, I was in no hurry to wear another one this year. It was just a bit too much for 13.1 miles of running.

This year I decided to show my Gator pride and dress in all orange and blue. I got a wonderful I Only Run in Orange and Blue shirt from Raw Threads, some Gator socks, and a sequined orange headband. I just needed to figure out what to do with my bottom half. I tried to find a running skirt to match but I just couldn’t find one that worked with my big booty. I bought some Gator running shorts with a gift card from Christmas, but it didn’t seem “girlie” enough. So finally I decided to bite the bullet and order a Team Sparkle Running skirt.

After hearing about their skirts over the last year and seeing plenty of pictures on Facebook, I went to their website and looked around. I ordered their Royal Blue Sparkle Running skirt and was more than impressed when it arrived a short 3 days later (and from the left coast I might add). When I took the skirt out of the packaging I wasn’t overly impressed. The skirt was very thin (like, you could see through it) and honestly, I didn’t think it was worth the $25 I spent on it. But it looked cute with my outfit and the race was just 4 days away so I went for it.

I LOVED running in this skirt! I wore it over a new favorite pair of running shorts and it was the perfect fit. I could barely tell that I was even wearing it. It didn’t get in my way, add any unnecessary weight, or bother me in any not so nice places. And running in a sparkling skirt definitely makes running more fun. I give it a great big two thumbs up!














Even though I ended up loving the skirt, I doubt that I’d purchase another one. And it really has nothing to do with the product, price, or material. Its just that between my mom and I, we decided that we could definitely make something similar that would work just as well. Plus I really like the idea of being able to personalize the skirt more. After walking through the Princess Expo on Saturday we had lots of ideas running through our heads. But if you aren’t super crafty, or don’t have a super crafty mom, I would definitely suggest picking up a Team Sparkle skirt for your next race.

Sparkles make everything more fun!

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