So I needed some pillows

I’ve been needing some orange pillows for the black and white futon that I have in my craft room (aka The Craft Cave). Well last weekend when I went to see my bestie she gave me these two orange flowered pillowcases that she picked up at the thrift store. She bought them for me to make aprons from, but I thought that they would also make GREAT pillows for the futon. The pillowcases were that big king sized ones so I knew I would be able to get a couple of projects out of them. I also had some orange jersey fabric at home and decided these would work together perfect, so I when I got home I got to work.


With the pillowcase I just cut the case to fit to the size I wanted and had to only sew up one side. For the insides I took apart two accent pillows that I saved from my old bedroom set. Unfortunately there were not pillow forms inside the pillows, just loose stuffing. It wasn’t really a big deal it just wasn’t what I was expecting to find. I refluffed all the stuffing, stuffed my new pillow, and sewed the opening shut. I was quite happy with the final product and excited to start on the second pillow.


I had SO many problems with the orange fabric I had because it was stretchy. After about 30 minutes of fighting with my sewing machine I gave up for the evening. I decided that I would stop at the fabric store and just pick up a “fat quarter” of an orange fabric that would match and go with that. I found something I loved within a few minutes of walking into the store and left with a big smile on my face.

It took me until Saturday night, but I finally sat down and made the second pillow. It took no time at all before I had two beautiful pillows for the futon. I was quite happy with how they both turned out and looked on the futon.



One of the things I loved most about this project is that it was almost entirely recycled materials. I reused pillowcases from a thrift store and the stuffing from two pillows that I didn’t use anymore. Also, the only thing I had to buy for this project was the fabric for the second pillow (which only cost me $2.65). Hooray for cheap, easy, and eco-friendly pillows!

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