Simple Goal #1 – Stay Healthy

I guess this one isn’t going to well. Yesterday by lunch I was feeling a little ‘off.’ I was hoping it was just allergies, but by the end of the day I felt like crap. Bummer. So I came home after dinner, did a couple things I needed to get done and crawled into bed. This morning… I don’t feel a whole lot better. I have plans for this afternoon that I may have to bail on, its my last evening with my house guests, and tomorrow I have all this stuff to do… because I leave for Chicago on Monday morning. Of course. I have somewhere to travel to and I’m sick. That just seems to be how things go for me. Stress and/or anxiety both cause me to get sick. So I guess between everything that has been going on this week (at work and my personal life) AND my impending travel on Monday it just all caught up with me. Bummer. So I’m loading myself up with fluids and vitamins and heading back to bed shortly. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better later this afternoon, or at least by tomorrow. WAY too much going on to be sick.

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