She’s Crafty – Halloween Style

Earlier this month the amazing May Flaum posted about a Halloween haunted house that she made out of one of those unfinished bird houses. What a super cute, and easy, idea! So I went in search of some bird houses at Michaels. I found a big one on sale for $3.99 and then a couple days later (at another Michaels) I found two small ones on sale for $.50 each. So I got all three birdhouses for under $5. Boy so I love cheap craft projects. I busted out some Making Memories halloween papers and embellishments I had and went to work. I did the project in stages like May suggested and when I got to the glitter step I realized that I didnt really have the right colors of glitter on hand. So a quick run up to Joann landed me some AMAZING Studio G glitter glue (more on that later). A couple steps, and days, later and I have 3 cute Halloween haunted houses to add to my Halloween decor. Thanks so much for the inspiration May!

One of the best things about this project was my glitter glue discovery. You know how they have all that $1 stuff right by the checkout in Joanns? Well I always have to check that out on my way out of the store. Usually I just end up with some acrylic stamps or small stamp pads that I usually don’t need. But this last trip I found the Studio G Sparkle Writer. Oh. Em. Gee. These things are great. The glitter and glue comes out so smooth. And there is SO much glitter in there! AND, it doesn’t get clogged up. Originally I just bought orange because I thought it would go with pretty much all the papers I was using, but after doing two houses with it I had to go and get more. I came home with another tube of orange and 4 other colors. Tee hee. Right now they only had “Halloween colors” but I know I can use the black, silver and white for all kinds of projects. I’m hoping that when they switch out the $1 stuff for the Christmas stuff that it will include Sparkle Writers in Christmas colors. So if you love glitter as much as I do, definitely check these out while they still have them.

**Side note: I checked the Hampton Art website (the folks that make the Studio G products) and found out there are some more Halloween colors of Sparkle Writers out there. I guess I’ll need to hit up another Joanns and see if I can find them.

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