Running Goals for 2015

Usually when it comes to my running goals for the new year its one goal – Run More! That is still the main thing on my list of goals for this year, but I want to expand on that a bit by setting a few specific goals for running in 2015.


Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon PR

In October I got a shiny new 1/2 marathon PR, but I want to add to that. In 2015 I’d like another shiny new 1/2 marathon PR, along with PRs for the 5k and 10k. I am running the 10k at Best Damn Race in Jacksonville in 2 weeks and will have my first shot at that new 10k PR. If it doesn’t happen I will still have 11 months to accomplish it. My first 1/2 of the year is a week later, and then my first 5k is a week after that. I could potentially knock this goal out in the first month of the year, but at least I have some time if that isn’t the case.

15 races in 2015

Not 15 half marathons, or 15 10ks, or 15 5ks – just 15 races total.  I already have 7 on the schedule plus potentially 3 more RockNRoll races, which already gets me up to 10 races. So that means I only have to come up with 5 more right? Since 7 of those 10 races are half marathons I will probably look into adding shorter distances for those other 5 races. My first year of running I ran a race a month without a problem so I’m hoping this won’t be too hard.

Train Properly


I’ve tried many times in the past to stick to a training plan for the 1/2 marathon distance and it just never happens. I know I can’t do it for the first few races of the year because they are just coming up too soon and too close together. But I REALLY want to properly train for a race in the fall. I’m not quite sure what I need to do differently to make this happen, but I need to do something.  Maybe it will be getting a coach, or having someone else write out my plan, or cancelling my social life (um, no) – but something big will have to change this year and I plan on figuring out what that is.

So those are my running goals for 2015? I don’t think they are too big or too scary – just scary enough to make things happen.

What are your running goals for 2015?




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  1. Andrea says:

    You can do it!!!

    As for training plans, I can help. You just really have to force yourself to stay on track. Except for this marathon plan, where I ditched a 10 miler at the end for a 5 miler and then missed a 2 due to strep, I’ve always followed plans. You don’t have to lose your social life either!

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