Restaurant Review: Tupelo Honey Cafe

This place must be good because we went TWICE in less than 24 hours!

Tupelo Honey Cafe Greenville SC

We found Tupelo Honey while wandering around Downtown Greenville. We checked out their menu and it looked like there were plenty of options. I was there with my parents and we all got something different but equally delicious. I had the Misse’s Asheville Veggie melt with a side of brussel sprouts. It was amazing! I’ve never enjoyed veggies so much in my entire life. It was a great sized meal and I was definitely full afterwards. I also enjoyed their Sweet Tea that was perfectly sweetened. When in the South right?

Tupelo Honey Cafe Greenville SC

The following morning my dad was in the mood for a good sized breakfast and suggested that we head back to Tupelo. By this point I was so hungry that I would have eaten anywhere, so I quickly agreed. I tried the Fried Egg BLT with Goat Cheese Grits. OMG! I never knew that I liked fried eggs so much. And goat cheese is grits arejust amazing. They were delicious!

Tupelo Honey Cafe Greenville SC

And don’t let me forget the scratch made biscuits and blackberry jam. Holy cow! They bring you out a plateful for your table but will happily bring you more. On our breakfast visit my dad took advantage of that 🙂

The staff was friendly and helpful. Both times we asked for suggestions on what to order and our wait staff happily gave them (and were right on the money with both). They seem to be very busy on the weekends, so keep that in mind if you are visiting then. Just after we were seated for breakfast the place filled up fast. They do have outdoor seating that you can take advantage of when the weather is a bit cooler. I will definitely be back on my next visit to Greenville.

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