Restaurant Review: Lupton’s

Lupton’s is one of our go-to places when I visit my best friend in Tampa. We hadn’t be in awhile, so when she suggested going Sunday morning before I headed home last weekend I was all for it.

Lupton’s is an all-you-can-eat buffet. Until 11:00 am on the weekend they serve breakfast and then they switch to brunch. What does brunch mean? That you can get breakfast AND bbq (plus ice cream, salad, soup, and a taco bar)! There is just something super awesome to me about being able to get eggs, cheese grits, and fried chicken all in one meal. Your cost includes a drink and their sweet tea is to die for. I love sweet tea (being from the south and all) but sometimes its so sweet that your teeth hurt. But Lupton’s has the tea to sugar ratio figured out and its spot on. Yum yum.

This place is somewhere that if you aren’t from Tampa you would probably just drive by and not even think about stopping. But once you actually do you will be hooked. Once you get inside it isn’t anything fancy at all – just tables and booths that have probably been there since the place opened. They have all sorts of remote control planes hanging from the ceiling which is pretty cool. The staff is always very nice and you never have to worry about running out of something to drink. The buffet is always VERY clean and you will usually spot someone cleaning to make sure it stays that way.

I always enjoy whatever I have to eat here but one of the best things on the breakfast/brunch buffet is their cheese grits. They are so smooth and creamy! I’m a huge fan of grits and these are tops in my book!

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