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Do you remember back in January when I got all the awesome new pet products from the #pettales party? If not, then you obviously weren’t paying attention on Twitter and Instagram. Its hard NOT to post a bunch of pictures when a huge box of pet products shows up at your office.

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I have to admit that I was most excited about the Easy Spray Shampoo and Body Mist from Out! Pet Care. Pepper hates baths. I mean HATES them. She willing walks into the shower but after that she fights you to the bitter end. She stands in the corner of the shower, refuses to move or turn around, and won’t even look you in the eye. For a dog that loves the water so much you’d think that she’d be okay with baths. Nope.

One of the things I had the worst time with when bathing her is only having two hands. How am I supposed to keep ahold of her AND get the shampoo out of the bottle into my hand or on to the dog? It just doesn’t work out well. So when I ended up with two bottles of spray shampoo I was one happy dog mom.

OUT!’s uniquely-designed and environmentally-friendly “easy spray” cans allow pet parents to hold their dog with one hand while using the other to apply a gentle, continuous spray all over their pooch’s body – even the hard-to-reach underbelly. The easy-to-grip can makes dog bathing extremely fast and easy. The easy-grip bottle and 360-degree spray, pet parents can spray, lather, and rinse a wet dog in as little as 3 minutes. Developed to deliver multiple benefits in one product, each shampoo targets a specific skin or coat issue plus includes conditioner, vitamins A and E for a healthier skin and coat – and long- lasting odor control with OUT’s proven odor control technology.


I decided to try out the Shed Stop Shampoo, with Pro Vitamin B5 to help reduce excess shedding and a Sweet Berry Scent. Who doesn’t want their dog to smell like sweet berries? 🙂 And since Pepper is a shedding machine, I thought a little extra Vitamin B5 couldn’t hurt things. Using the spray shampoo was super easy. I was able to move/drag/push Pepper around the shower with one hand and spray her down with the other. It took a little longer than the “advertised” 3 minutes to bathe her, but it was still a pretty quick process. And the spray shampoo definitely made it easier.

I’ll be interested to see how long the Sweet Berry smell lasts. In the hot summer weather that seems to have already arrived here in Florida Pepper tends to get stinkier quicker, so I’m hoping this will help out. And of course I have the Body Mist sprays to help keep her smelling fresher in between the dreaded baths.

*Disclosure: I received products from Out! Pet Care as part of a Pet Tales Party earlier this year. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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