Orange and Cream Dream Cupcakes

I was tasked with making the cupcakes for my cousins shower this past weekend. When I asked her what kind she wanted she mentioned orange and vanilla. I told her I would make those along with another flavor (I decided to go with Chocolate and Peanut Butter). Earlier this week I tried a recipe for a “semi-homemade” orange cupcake and it was a complete disaster.

A few hours after the baking disaster I sat down at my computer to search for a new orange cupcake. I wanted something like a creamsicle and did a search for orange and cream cupcakes. On the third page of results I came across a link for Orange Cream Dream cupcakes which sounded promising. Imagine my surprise when I landed on the recipe for the Orange and Cream Dream cupcakes that my favorite cupcake truck, The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck, makes. AND these are my FAVORITE cupcakes that they make. Score! They had been on an episode of the Cooking Channel’s Eat Street and as a result this recipe was on their website.

I made the cake part Friday night and it went wonderfully. The batter was beautiful and the cake baked up perfectly.

I waited until Saturday when I was at my mom’s to do the filling and the frosting. The whole process took awhile, but they turned out great. They smelled and tasted exactly like the cupcakes that I know and love. And the momma-to-be loved them as well. They were a hit at the shower and I will DEFINITELY be making them again.

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