New Approach to Running – Week 5

I missed my week 4 update, but it is okay because I can now do my Week 5 update AND my October update. With the Savannah 1/2 marathon just 4 days away I need all the motivation I can get!

Week 5 Update:

  • Completed 4 of the 6 scheduled days (skipped 2 walking days)
  • Did a 5k on Saturday and had a personal best!
  • Completed 7.3 miles this week.
  • Down another pound 🙂
October Update:
  • Completed 35.41 miles this month!
  • Ran a 5k race
  • Ran out my frustrations on 3 separate occasions
  • Run 21 out of 31 days
  • Lost 4 pounds!
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