Mother’s Day Staycation Tips

This year I surprised my mom with a Mother’s Day Staycation weekend at Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress here in Orlando. I’ve been to the property a couple of times and love it, so I wanted to share it with my mom. This year got off to a rocky start so both my mom and I can use a couple days of rest and relaxation.

So today I’m sharing some of my tips for planning a great Mother’s Day Staycation (or any staycation really). A little bit of effort can go a long way in making sure that you and your mom have a great weekend!

Plan Ahead

Mother's Day Staycation Tips

Just because it is a holiday weekend that doesn’t mean your trip has to break the bank. Making your reservations early definitely helps with that. Also make sure to check if there are any properties with resident deals. A little research can go a long way with saving you some money. Also check out Groupon and Travelzoo for discounted tickets or activities. If your mom would like a spa day, definitely check out Travelzoo for some discounts. It may not be at the property you are staying at, but a 5 minute drive to a neighboring resort could save you a lot of money.

Schedule Some Fun Activities

Mother's Day Staycation Tips

This one is going to vary depending on what type of mom you have. I know what my mom likes to do and I’ve planned a very loose schedule for the weekend – checking out Disney Springs and having dinner there on Friday, then a pool day at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress and dinner there on Saturday. We had a plan for the weekend, but at the same time it can be easily changed to accommodate the weather or my momma just deciding she wants to do something else. This weekend is all about her, so be open to suggestions and changes.

Pick a Property with Amenities

Mother's Day Staycation Tips

If you pick a hotel or resort with a lot of onsite amenities that can help keep costs down as well. Plus, some times mom’s just want to lay low. My mom loves to sit poolside, so I made sure to pick a resort with a great pool area. The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress even has a lake with a beach. Mom and I will have plenty of options on where to relax with a frozen drink and our books.

Prepare a Backup Plan

Mother's Day Staycation Tips

In Florida you always have to have a back-up plan because this time of year you never know what the weather is going to do. A 30% percent chance of rain could mean there is only a 30% chance that it is going to rain OR that it’s going to rain for 30% of the day. Either way, make sure to think up a couple indoor activities in case the weather decides not to cooperate. Thankfully Disney Springs and HRGC have some indoor activities that we can take advantage of if the weather isn’t on our side. Fingers crossed that won’t be the case!

Do Your Research

Mother's Day Staycation Tips

This kinda goes along with some of the items below, but in a different way. Everyone knows that they mom has certain things that she likes or doesn’t like. Taking those into consideration can go a LONG WAY with reminding your mom just how awesome she is. For instance, if your mom loves Diet Coke and drinks it everyday (like mine does), check to see if your hotel has a fridge that you can stock for her. Or find out if the hotel has blow dryers in the rooms so she doesn’t have to pack hers. Little things like this can make your weekend even better!

So there ya have it, a couple of helpful tips for making your Mother’s Day (or any day) staycation a success! I can’t wait for this weekend to get here so that I can spoil my momma. It is gonna be great!

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