Midnight with Meghan – A New Blog Feature?

I don’t sleep well. I never have and I probably never will. It’s just the way I am. I have a slew of things I do, and don’t do, before bed and I’ve tried just about every trick there is. But here it is 12:12 am and after laying in bed for over an hour and a half I’m still awake. Fantastic. Of course tomorrow may be Friday, but I have a very important and VERY long meeting tomorrow. I really needed some sleep.

When my mom cant sleep, sometimes she gets up, has a glass of wine, and plays cards on the computer for awhile. I dont play cards on the computer, but I’m laying in bed with a glass of wine and writing. That sounds reasonable right? Well I’m plum out of ideas.

But what should I write about for Midnight with Meghan? I could tell you about how last night I laid in bed thinking about how much it might cost to add another bathroom and bigger closet to my house. I mean I love my house, but another bathroom and an actual master closet would make it 110% awesome. Or how I had a ridiculously vivid dream the other night about being in an episode of Supergirl (yes, I’m finally getting around to watching it). OR, I could tell you about how last week the shelf in my master closet decided that it no longer wanted to be attached to the wall. And how fixing it yesterday made me think that burning down the house was a good idea. Oh wait… maybe that is why I was laying in bed thinking about adding on to the house. Brand new master closet people!

And now I know why writing in the middle of the night probably isn’t the best idea. Or at the very least I shouldn’t hit publish when I’m done writing. Just enjoy your wine, jot down your random thoughts, and go to bed Meghan. No one needs to read this rambling mess. Or do they?

Most of my readers are probably, hopefully, asleep or on their way there by now and won’t even read this. Oh, or maybe I will find out that ALL my readers do their reading in the middle of the night. Now wouldn’t that be interesting? So to all my insomniac readers out there – have a glass of wine and go back to bed!

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  1. Jenn says:

    You should have told me! I would have helped you fix your shelf!

    I don’t read in the middle of the night, but I do at the crack of dawn when I wake up šŸ™‚

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