Guess who won another Sunshine Blog Awards?

That would be me!

Guess who won another Sunshine Blog Award?

Meghan on the Move was nominated for Best Fitness Blog again this year. How cool is that? Blogs were nominated over 9 categories and they narrowed it down to the top three in each category. At that point everyone had a chance to vote for their favorite in each category.

Once I got over the initial shock of being one of those top three again this year the reality of the situation sunk in – I was up against Meals and Miles and Run to the Finish, both of which have been around a LOT longer than I have and are very popular. Even though I won last year I really wasn’t sure how much of a chance I had against these two. Regardless of that I started posting everywhere and anywhere asking friends, family, and complete strangers to vote for me. Voting ended at the end of February and the winners were to be announced during FlBlogCon’s Forum, which just happened to be yesterday.

Guess who won another Sunshine Blog Award?

And guess what? I won! I was super shocked and super excited to hear my name called again this year. I know it’s not a huge deal, but its a nice reminder that my blog at least appeals to a handful of people. I love writing my blog and this award is a nice push to keep on doing so.

I really appreciate everyone who nominated this blog and then voted. Thank you to everyone for your love, support, and patience when I take pictures of ALL THE THINGS. You all are the best!

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