Gratitude Day 18 ~ Animal Connection

Connecting to an animal can be an awesome experience. Whether it is in the form of a family pet, being out in nature and experiencing wildlife or even learning about and appreciating the strengths and brilliance of an animal species ~ animals have much to offer and teach us.

Have you had a connection to an amazing animal?

When we got Pepper back in 2005 I immediately fell in love. She was only the 2nd dog I’d ever had and she was the first one that was all mine. It didn’t take long for me to realize that as much as I loved her, she was also a part of “us.” Our little family. A reminder of what I went home to everyday. It was a great reminder, but I always knew that if things ever went south with “us” I wouldn’t be able to handle keeping her. She’d become a reminder of things I wouldn’t want to be reminded of.

So when he left last September, he went to stay with his mom and left Pepper at the house with me. She was a Godsent. I was unemployed at the time and it took about 4-6 weeks for me to start telling friends… so it was just the two of us. I think I would have lost my mind without her. She was one of the only things that kept me together.

He saw her a couple times in September of last year. When he’d stop by the house to pick something up. Or one weekend he kept her so that I could go to my mom’s. But that was it… he didn’t see her after that. So in January when he had the nerve to tell me that HE should keep the dog, since he’d have the house which had a yard (and yes, he’d all ready stopped paying the mortgage 2 months before that which I didn’t know at that time). That it would be better for her. OVER MY DEAD BODY! I told him that over the last 4 months he’d barely seen her and she was the only thing keeping me sane. And yes a yard would be better, but she would adjust to the apartment and be fine. No, he could not have her. I was shocked when he didn’t fight me. After that first email my mom and I discussed hiding her because he still had a key to the house and I was terrified that I would come home one day and she would be gone. But he dropped it. I’m not even sure if he ever actually responded to what I said. I’m so glad he didn’t.

Yes there are days I want to kill her (like when she chewed up the stuff Max, ya know the dog from the Grinch, the day I brought it home). Or days when it’s just a pain having a dog (like when I have to go out of town and either have to put her in the doggie hotel, which isn’t cheap, or talk my momma into watching her). But having her around GREATLY outweighs all the times it’s a pain in the butt.

I love that when I leave for work in the mornings she sticks her head out the blinds and won’t go lay down until I wave good bye. Or how she is always there to greet me when I get home. I love how if I’ve stayed up too late she will stand by the dining room table (which is right near the bedroom door) and give me the “Mommy, it’s time for bed” look. Or how once in a blue moon she will be snuggly and actually lay in my lap on the couch. I love how the instant I close the door to my bathroom she jumps up on my bed. Or how if you don’t invite her on the couch with you she will lay her head on the couch and stare at you until you do.

She is my angel.


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