Girls Who Grill: My First Grilling Adventure

During my Whole 30 month I came across a lot of grilling recipes. They all sounded great except I didn’t have a grill. When I decided to continue to eat Whole 30 at least 2/3s of the time I decided to ask for a grill for my birthday. My mom and my grandpa came through and this weekend I ended up with a fantastic new grill. My mom and I got it all set up before she left Saturday and on Sunday I decided to embark on my first grilling adventure.

I decided to make turkey burgers, asparagus, and vegetable skewers. I thought it would be fairly simple and it would leave me with a good amount of leftovers for at least a couple more meals.

Girls Who Grill: My First Grilling Adventure

So how did it go? A lot better than I thought it would. I had a couple issues of course, but for the most part I was quite impressed with myself. Today I thought I’d share a couple things I learned for any ladies (or gents) out there that might be thinking about adding a grill to your arsenal.

Pro: Turkey burgers are GREAT on the grill.
Con: Due to their lack of fat, turkey burgers REALLY stick on the grill.
Helpful Hint: Use a paper towel to apply some Pam or olive oil to the grill before you start cooking (man I wish I’d known this ahead of time).

Girls Who Grill: My First Grilling Adventure

Pro: Veggies cook really quick on the grill.
Con: Veggies cook REALLY quick on the grill.
Helpful Hint: If your grill has an upper deck like mine does, stick your veggies up there so they don’t cook as quick.

Pro: Grilling keeps your kitchen from heating up during the summer.
Con: Grilling outside in the summer is HOT!
Helpful Hint: Grill after dark? Grill in your undies? Jump in the pool every 5 minutes? I have no idea on this one. All I know is I had to jump in the shower after dinner. Man it is hot in Florida!

Random Helpful Hint: Invest in some tongs if you don’t already have some. They were a life saver when it came to flipping and moving the veggies around on the grill.

Girls Who Grill: My First Grilling Adventure

I hope to continue my grilling adventures over the summer and into the fall, so keep an eye out for some more fun posts. I’ve started a Girls Who Grill Pinterest board and it is already starting to fill up with lots of tasty ideas. I’m shocked at the about of dessert ideas for the grill. I hadn’t even thought of that!

Do you have any helpful hints for grilling newbies?

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