Cupcakes x3

This is what my life has looked like for the last week….

Orange and blue cupcakes for the first Gator game of the season.

Chocolate cupcakes (which will become hostess cupcakes) for a shower on Saturday.

Vanilla (which will be wearing my new favorite frosting) for the same shower on Saturday.

Thankfully cupcakes freeze VERY well. So I was able to make the chocolate cupcakes on Tuesday night and the vanilla cupcakes last night. Then all I have to do on Friday night/Saturday morning is fill and frost them. This is really helpful since the shower is in another town and I’ll be heading over to my mom’s Friday night for the weekend. At least this way I just have to bring along the pre-made cupcakes and the makings for the frostings.

The sad thing was, I really could have gone for actually EATING one of the cupcakes last night. But since I wasn’t making any frosting it just would have been plain cake and what is the fun in that? At least I only have to wait two more days to have a cupcake or two. But knowing me I’ll be too busy playing hostess and I’ll totally forget about the cupcakes until it is too late. That is usually how it works with me.

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