Cupcake Cutie Photography

I am not a photographer by ANY means, but I have been putting my spiffy new (to me) camera to good use lately. I’ve been told by my photographer friends that my shots are definitely improving. My bestie Laura said that I should probably get a watermark to add to some of my photos, especially with things being all over the internet these days. We talked about it for awhile and decided on Cupcake Cutie Photography for a name and she got to work on a watermark for me. Man it is handy having a graphic designer for a best friend 🙂 This is what she came up with and I LOVE IT!











Isn’t it great?? So this morning, with Laura’s assistance of course, I put one of my most recent favorite photos into Photoshop and attempted to add the logo/watermark. And guess what? I did it! I was even able to add this “outer glow” thing to it that made it pop even more. Tee hee. I know, I’m a dork. But I’m a happy dork.

























I know the photo is a bit large, but I wanted its full beauty on display. Man, I think I need more caffeine. Oh well, at least now I have something fun to do with my downtime at work today.

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