Christmas Cupcake Ornaments

I found a spiffy tutorial for making Retro Cupcake Ornaments, so I decided to make them for my friends and family as Christmas gifts. Now that Christmas is over (can you believe it??) I can show them to you. They were so easy and cheap to make!

Supplies & Costs:

  • Styrofoam Balls (24) – $6.58
  • Glitter Snow – $3.49
  • Craft Glue – $1.99
  • Holiday Berries – $0.64
  • Mini Foil Cupcake Wrappers (in 2 colors) – $1.19 (had 1 color all ready)
Total Cost for Supplies: $13.89
Cost per ornament: $0.58
Cost per gift (set of two): $1.16
And the great thing is that I still have enough of the snow, glue, and cupcake wrappers to make LOTS more ornaments. I’d just have to buy the styrofoam balls and holiday berries.






















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