Borrowed (from a couple places)

Where do you live: Orlando, FL
Favorite art: Anything designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
Pets: Pepper – 5 year old black lab
Favorite neighborhood restaurant: Willow Tree
Favorite cocktail: Malibu & Pineapple
Who inspires you: my mother
Necessary extravagance: pedicures
Favorite place in the world: the beach

Designer: Betsey Johnson
Jeans: not sure yet
Underwear: St. Eve’s
Sneakers: who cares!
Watch: the ones my momma makes me
T-shirt: currently it’s my “Trust me, I’m a doctor” shirt
Day bag: a hot pink Nine West bag
Evening bag: a what?
Favorite city to shop: anyone I can afford 🙂

Lipstick: chapstick
Mascara: um, no
Shampoo: im not sure, but it smells like strawberries
Moisturizer: huh?
Perfume: I do wear perfume
Toothpaste: whatever is on sale 🙂
Soap: dove
Nail-polish color: dark
Who cuts your hair: my momma
Who colors your hair: me


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