Back in business!

I hate to say it but I fell off the running wagon in June. It got off to a good start and then, well, that was it. I have a laundry list of reasons/excuses why this happened, but none of that is really important. It happened and I’m not happy about it.

I got home from work today and have no motivation to do anything. So I took a shower, put on my pjs, planted my happy ass on the couch. My plan was to do a couple things on the computer and then figure out what to do. I ended up on looking around and came across a very good looking man. Let’s just say that all I could think about was touching his abs. Oh yes, there were abs. And of course he was a dog lover, a goofball, and wants kids. Sigh.

Looking at his pictures and reading about him was all it took to get my lazy butt motivated. Kinda sad huh? But whatever works. So I put on my running shoes and hit the gym. I ran a bit and then biked a few miles. Man oh man I forgot how good of a mood exercise puts you in! When people used to tell me that exercise/running would improve my mood I thought they were nuts. Once I started running I got it, but still forget it now and then. Today was a good reminder.

I turn 33 a week from today and I’ll be coming up with my 33 goals for year #33 (I guess I need to go check out my 32 goals for years #32 and see how that turned out right? LOL). Then first thing on my list of 33 goals will be to just keep on track with running. No crazy mile goals. No time goals for races. Just staying on track with the running. That would make me one happy 33 year old.

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