6 goals in 6 weeks – Week 3 #6in6

6 goals in 6 weeks #6in6

So how did week 3? MUCH better!

1. Read 6 books – I finished 2 books! I have three new ones to chose from, so I’m good to go!

2. Complete 6 week 1/2 marathon training plan – I ran THREE TIMES this week! WOO HOO! Yesterday I had a solid 4 mile run and it was awesome. We got a “cold front” on Saturday and it was only 61 degrees when I got up for my run. It was so great finally having some fall weather here in Florida. I even have negative splits (something that NEVER happens for me) on the last 3 miles. I’m feeling a LOT better about things in the running department.

#6in6 - Week 3

3. Only eat out twice a week – I only ate out twice this week 🙂

4. Lose 6 pounds – still down those 3 pounds from last week, so I’m halfway there.

5. Only consume dairy once a week – It happened twice because Saturday was National Taco Day and there were $2 tacos at Tijuana Flats. It really wasn’t my fault.

6. Call my grandma every week – I was bad and didn’t call my grandma this week 🙁 Since I didn’t get a chance to call her I went her a card with a little note in it. I know its not the same, but I just wanted to make sure that she knew I was thinking about her.

I’ve pretty darn happy with how things went this week. As I mentioned on Monday I was in a bit of a funk with my running and I really feel like I’ve gotta past/through it. I have my 3 runs scheduled for this week and I’m actually looking forward to them.

How did your week go?

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