15 Races in 2015 – Race #5 – Run for the Trees 5k

This past weekend was Race #5 of 15 races in 2015. I should be up to #8 by now, but you know how that goes. Life and injuries get in the way, but I’m still not going to give up on my plan to complete 15 races in 2015. I still have 8 months to fit in another 10 races… I think I can, I think I can!

 15 races in 2015 - Run for the Trees 5k

I decided to sign up for this race about 2 weeks beforehand. A couple of friends were doing the race so I decided to join them. Run for the Trees is pretty neat for a couple of reasons. First off, its a point to point 5k which is kinda rare. For once its not just a big loop!

 15 races in 2015 - Run for the Trees 5k

The second super awesome thing is that the last mile of the race is on the tree-canopied, wilderness dirt road of Genius Drive. This privately owned glimpse of old Florida is opened to the public only once a year, for this event. And guess what they have on this privately owned property? Peacocks!

 15 races in 2015 - Run for the Trees 5k

My friend and I took this particular race nice and slow (I hadn’t run since late February) and the peacocks during the last mile of the race are what kept us motivated. This is such a great course because it has such beautiful views the entire way. Its just a glimpse at home beautiful Orlando really is.

 15 races in 2015 - Run for the Trees 5k

At the end of the race they have buses to take you back to the start, but we decided to follow some other folks and just walk back. This “short walk” back to the start added another 1.5 miles to the morning. Even though I didn’t run all out I covered close to 5 miles and that left me feeling pretty good.

 15 races in 2015 - Run for the Trees 5k

Saturday was also the birthday of one of my friends that was running, so that added a little extra fun to the morning. It is always fun to run with friends and great to share their birthdays with them.

I kinda figured this would be my last race before summer really kicked in but at the last minute (REALLY last minute) we signed up for the Cigar City River Run in Tampa… on Sunday. A short run along the new Tampa Riverwalk, a beer bottle opener medal, AND tasty beer – sounds like a great Sunday to me! AND it will bring me up to 6 races for the year.



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  1. Diana says:

    Sounds like you’re going to have a busy fall race season. I bet you would sneak in a watermelon run on the 4th or July.

    That race always looks so nice, glad you enjoyed it.

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