1 year of Running

1 year ago today I signed up for the Disney’s Princess 1/2 Marathon and my running journey began. Since then I have…

  • Run 9 5k races
  • Run 1 1/2 marathon (it’ll be 2 by tomorrow) and signed up for 2 other 1/2 marathons
  • Done races in 5 different cities (tomorrow it’ll be 6 cities and 2 states)
  • Had 1 toe nail fall off
  • Bought 2 pairs of running shoes
  • Bought 8 pairs of running socks
  • Bought 4 pair of running shorts
  • Bought 5 running tops
  • Gotten to see a friend I haven’t seen in 10 years 🙂
  • Run in a hot pink tutu!
  • Run in/around/through 3 Disney theme parks
  • Run a race every month in 2011 except August
  • Run races with 8 different friends
  • Had my mom say “You are done all ready? Did you actually finish?!” when I called her after my 1/2 marathon. I can’t remember my mom ever being THAT impressed by something I did (other than maybe graduating college 😉 )
  • Run 121.67 miles! I know it’s not a crazy insane number, but the fact that I’ve run anywhere NEAR that many miles is super impressive for me.
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