Weekly Workouts & Dairy Free August

My workouts the past 2 weeks were… well, they weren’t.

I’ve still been having issues with my hip and I’ve been trying to give it a rest. Over the last two weeks I’ve run at the gym twice, gone to yoga, run a 5k race, and walked about a mile. Definitely not what my 10k training plan said I should have been doing over the last two weeks.

The 5k race was a lot of fun. I did the race with one of my Team Challenge coaches and one of my Team Challenge teammates. We all wore our TC jerseys and even got a shout out at the start of the race for the announcer.

COR 5k

I knew the race wasn’t going to be a PR for me so I decided to stick with our coach. It turned out great. We had a chance to talk and catch up, plus she kept me motivated when I wanted to just give up and walk the rest of the way. AND we even got medals! I’ve never done a 5k that had a medal so it was nice to add that to my collection.


So I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about my running/training. I’m schedule to start my 1/2 marathon training plan on September 16th (for my December 7th race). That is only 3 weeks away, so I my just throw the 10k training plan out the window and just go with what feels right. Who knows, I still may get up to the mileage on the 10k training plan if I stop thinking about it so much. So we shall see 🙂

Dairy Free August is going really well. I gave myself two meals a week with dairy and I’ve only done that 5 times for the whole month so far. I kinda thought with cutting it out so much that when I would actually eat it that It would upset my stomach, but so far it hasn’t. I’ve lost about 3 pounds and I’m holding steady there. My allergies seem to be doing better with the lack of dairy. I had ice cream cake this weekend for my mom’s birthday and noticed that I woke up the next morning more clogged up than in the previous weeks. It could have also had a little to do with being around 2 dogs all weekend, but still. Overall I think I’m doing well and feeling better. So we will see what September bring.

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  1. haleyduke17 says:

    I haven’t been as good with the dairy free August as you. I cheated a few times (cheese) while I was on vacation. But I’ve completely eliminated milk from my diet so that’s good.

    • Meghan says:

      Luckily I got rid of milk a couple of years ago. I was at my mom’s last weekend for her birthday so I save my “dairy meals” for last week for while I was there. I knew there would be ice cream cake and it would have been rude not to have any 😉

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