Mexican Irish Hot Chocolate

Every once in awhile the temperature drops below 50 degrees and everyone in Florida starts to freak out. As much as I like a little bit of cool weather here and there, I don’t really like for it to last. During our last “arctic blast” (that is what the weatherman was calling it) I decided I needed something warm to drink while I caught up on some tv. I had some wonderful Butlers Hot Chocolate Drink that my friend Karen brought me back from Dublin that I knew would be perfect for this chilly night. After a little thought I decided to make this into a grownup hot chocolate.

Mexican Irish Hot Chocolate


Hot chocolate

Milk (I used soy because its what I had on hand)

Cinnamon Whiskey

I made the hot chocolate drink according to the directions on the package and then added a shot of the cinnamon whiskey. Yum-o! It was the perfect warm and delicious nightcap. Next time I think I’d top it off with some marshmallows, but the only once I had were pumpkin spice and I thought that would be a little gross.

Mexican Irish Hot Chocolate

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  1. Karen says:

    Yay!! I am so glad that you got to enjoy the glory that is Butler’s! We’re practically rationing them at our house because I don’t know when I’ll be able to visit Dublin next!! I need to bring a bag purely for chocolate when I fly.

    What combination do you want to try next?

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