Just Cut and Sew!

Um yeah, sure. But let me back up and explain how I got here…

A couple of weeks ago my mom gave me a new sewing machine – new to me at least. It had been sitting in her closet for awhile and since she wasn’t using it she asked if I wanted it. Yes please! I have a simple Singer sewing machine but it’s been giving me a bit of trouble lately. This machine is leaps and bounds better and fancier and all around wonderful. My new Bernina Activa 140 is heavenly! I did like mom told me and sat down and read the manual before I started using it. And once I started sewing… my oh my. It was HEAVENLY! Did I mention how awesome my new machine is? 🙂

So back to my original point of this post – Just Cut and Sew! For my first sewing project on my new machine I thought I would start with something easy. Awhile back Laura got me this cupcake apron kit that said “Just Cut and Sew!” Sounds easy enough right? Well for the most part it was. The cutting was easy and the instructions were easy enough to follow. But there were a lot of steps they left out to make it easier. Steps that they probably shouldn’t have left out. The fabric was pretty thin, so things really needed to be edged and topstiched… like EVERYTHING needed to be edged and topstiched.

Attaching the “flounce to the apron” really needed a little bit more explanation. Mainly, what in the f*ck is a flounce. At least there weren’t a lot of pieces so process of elimination worked well for figuring out what a flounce was. And thankfully I’ve had to attach Part A that is bigger than Part B to Part B before, so I knew what I needed to do (pin each end, then the middle, then fill in each section with pins till it’s all nice and even).

Despite the lack of some steps that I think it should have had, the apron did turn out pretty nice. I’m fairly certain that if I have to actually wash it that it may not survive though. But at least it’s cute for the time being right?

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